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Individual Online Tutoring

On-line lessons via Skype are for everyone who does not have enough time and wants to be flexible. There is only one thing which is necessary - any of your smart devices connected to the Internet.

Time Flexibility

On-line lessons via Skype are for everyone who does not have enough time and wants to be flexible. Do not spend your time traveling and connect to lessons anywhere you want! It does not depend if you are at home, at school, at work or at any other place, only one thing you need is your smart device connected to the Internet.

All by Your Preferences

Tailored individual lessons to each student by his needs. Choose your own date, session length, level of studied topic and frequency of consultations by your preferences. Do you need SOS lecture before the school test? Arrange an extra lesson!

Any Starting Level

The tutoring is suitable for students who want to improve their grades and also for students who do not want to spend their time scrolling through student's books and prefer to attend a professional consultation, where they gain all information during one session and exercise the topic with the tutor.

I am a full time tutor who offers private tutoring from 2012. Through the time the tutoring has helped to many students whose experiences are published on parent web Dostudujte.cz in a part Online References. Till 2020, all the lessons were only face-to-face, always individual, in maximum in a group of two. Nowadays, every session is fully on-line. This web is not owned by any educational agency but by the lecturer.

This website builds on the parent web Dostudujte.cz, which has a tradition from 2012 and is still active and focused on education - pupils and students find self-studying sheets from Mathematics and from English there. Most of the sheets reflected topics which are the most problematic and it is necessary to exercise them. Math materials are divided into three basic groups by the grade of study - elementary, secondary and university materials. For revitalization of basic knowledge from English, there are published some English materials too.

Tutored Subjects

At the beginning, sessions were focused on improving students' knowledge only in Mathematics and English language but soon Mathematics in English has been joined for students of foreign schools and lyceums. The tutoring offers regular types of tuition, intensive lectures before a school test, preparation to certificates (IGCSE/GCSE, IB, GED, FCE, TOEFL, EPSO, …), preparation to state final exams or entrance exams to secondary / high schools or to universities.

Person who is interested in offering private tutoring can choose any of three subjects, all listed subjects are taught to beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Mathematics Tutoring

Mathematics tutoring is usually attended by students of all grades of study - from elementary school to university. During the Maths lessons is possible to revise students' skills and prepare them for their school tests, to final or entrance exams, to graduation exams or to any test at university.

English Tutoring

English tutoring is suitable as a school teaching support and also for an individual improvement out of the educational system. English is taught in levels A1 - A2 (Beginner - Elementary or Pre-Intermediate), B1 - B2 (Intermediate - Upper-Intermediate) and C1 (Advanced). Within the tutoring a preparation for international certificates is possible.

Mathematics Tutoring in English

Mathematics tutoring in English is mostly used by students of foreign schools, students of English colleges and international gymnasiums and by applicants to these types of schools (eg. ECP, PBIS, PORG, Riverside School, Open Gate, …). Within the lessons is preparation for exams IGCSE/GCSE (Core Level, Edexcel Level, Extended Level) and IB (formerly Studies Level, Standard Level and Higher Level / nowadays SL AA & AI and HL AA & AI Levels).

Advantages of Online Lessons via Skype

Individual Way of Tutoring

All students get an individual approach of tutoring reflected following points:

  • one of them is a students' aim, which level of knowledge is wanted to gain, someone prefers exercising, someone else needs to add basic facts and improve
  • students' schedule by which is possible to plan regular or flexible lessons
  • time planning, means how long time does remain until an exam. If the exam is soon, the tutoring will be quite intensive otherwise if the exam is later, the tutoring is planned only once or twice a week.
Teaching Plan

A natural part of the individual approach is to compile a teaching plan, which will be outlined during the first lesson, where the goal of tutoring (required level of improvement, successful passing of an exam or certificate), time frame of lessons and study literature are specified.

Tailored Lesson Length

Most students choose their own length of lesson, in any case the chosen length of the lesson is not fixed and the student can change it whenever he wants. From experience, younger students prefer lessons of 45 or 60 mins, on the other hand, while older students prefer 60 or 90 mins of their lessons. In a case of necessity, it is possible to arrange a lesson lasting 120 or 150 mins length which is usually a choice of university students or working adults who have done so "their studying morning or afternoon". It is no problem to set any length of tutoring lessons and to extend the exact lesson during the intensity revision period.

Lessons in a Form of Active Conversation with Tutor

All of the lessons run in an active form as a conversation with the tutor and it absolutely does not matter whether you order lessons of English, Mathematics or Maths sessions in English. If necessary, in the first part of the lesson the problem is explained in the form of a presentation and in the second part of the lesson, we continue in practice and application. We are actively talking about the topic and the student tries to apply new acquired rules immediately in his approach. Anytime throughout the lesson, students can ask for any additional information or ask for help with any own examples that they are unable to solve.

Tutor's Notes on Your Screen

In real time, the tutor shares her notes on a PC screen during lessons. There is no delay so it is possible to solve any math problem simultaneously with students. The tutor can also write down math formulae, sketch any prism, write down new English vocabulary and lots of useful information that the student can rewrite into his notebook or take a screenshot from a sharing view.

No Commuting Saves You Time

Quite a great advantage for everyone is saving their time, because there is no commuting to the place of meeting. Tutoring can be anywhere you want. Most students prefer to join their lessons according to their current schedule and their location (you can join sessions from your favourite cafe, school studying hall, working office, your home or cottage). This is especially valuable for active people such as students, managers or athletes, who need to make the most of their time and do not want to waste it commuting to any classroom or other place of meeting. Not only students are happy that they can use their time for other activities, like learning for another school test, doing their HW or sports training. So you do not have to travel anywhere. All you need is your smart device.

Place of Tutoring

Your session can be placed wherever you connect to the internet, wherever you are. It is up to you, but most frequently it is a student's home, an office, a school, a library, a cafe or during holidays a grandparents' house or a weekend cottage. So it depends on your schedule where you are and where you want to create your small studying place and devote one or two hours of your attention to education.

Time Flexibility

If you do not need to be at the exact place at the exact time, you will get a type of time flexibility. So if it is not necessary to commute anywhere to your lesson, you will be able to arrange your day in a different way. You can take your lesson from home, your office, a park and just connect. The schedule of lectures is also flexible, meaning that you can change / cancel your date or time of the lesson as needed, without any cancellation charge, but you have to do so no later than 24 hours before the agreed start of your class.

Tutoring Through Smart Device

And what do you need for your session? Just any smart device, such as your mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop or a classical PC. For more comfortable sound, use headphones, which is a big benefit, but not necessary. Then, if a student wants, s/he can use the webcam for a higher quality lesson and point it to s/he desk, which is quite useful for the tutor to check students' working out. So one smart device is necessary, other equipment is convenient for you. Another stuff is your working desk for taking notes from tutoring.

Organization of Tutoring

How Long Is Your Lesson?

Each student chooses his own length of the lesson according to his preferences. In a case of longer cooperation, the student arranges the preferred length of sessions throughout his first meeting by his needs and goals.

The length of lessons usually depends on age, actual needs and available time options. The shortest lesson is 45 mins, which is preferred by pupils of elementary school or by any student, who has a school studying gap and does not have free time after school. The most common is lessons in 60 mins or 90 mins. If necessary - an explanation of any major topic - there is also the lesson lasting 120 mins and for demanding students, there is a possibility of extending the booked lesson by another 30 or 60 mins. Any time, during the 180 mins long session, it is possible to take a short break.

What Is the Frequency of Tutoring?

In fact, the frequency of your tutoring actually depends on your goal and also on the available preparing time until the exam date. There is no exception to arranging your sessions twice or three times a week. In the case of "normal meetings", so-called conditioning tutoring, most students join their lessons once or twice a week. Sometimes students do not need lessons every week, so they only have sessions twice a month. It follows, the length and frequency of lessons are completely personal and it can be tailored during the time of cooperation.

When Is the Standard Tutoring Time?

Standard tutoring time is usually from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays (common lesson price).

Sometimes it happens that any student is interested in a lecture outside of standard tutoring time, then there is the individual extra tutoring time. The extra time is on weekends and holidays between 9:00 - 18:00 (price list on weekends and holidays).

And in the case of SOS lessons, when any time is quite valuable, the extra extended tutoring time is in the early mornings between 6:00 - 9:00 or in the late evenings between 18:00 - 21:00 (price list on weekends and holidays).

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