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Mathematics Tutoring in English

Mathematics Tutoring in English is aimed on international students and on Czech students who study Maths in English language at foreign secondary / high schools or at foreign universities, as well as at English gymnasiums (at English lyceums) or at bachelor programmes in Czech republic.

Online tutoring of Mathematics in English, not only in Prague, can be managed as a long-term tuition on regular dates or as an intensive consultation always before any important school Math test or before the final exam in Mathematics.

Individual Tuition for 100%

Maths in English via Skype for all those study in English language, does not depend whether at elementary school, secondary / high school or at university at any age and levels. The most tailored lessons according to your needs and preferences are fully online with the aim of improving your level and grades in Mathematics.

Entrance Exams Preparation

Individual Maths tutoring in English aims to prepare pupils for entrance exams to English lyceums or to English gymnasiums based on the required knowledge of applicants at the specific school. Lessons are based on the official past entrance exam at each school.

Final Exam Preparation

From 2014, I have been preparing students for their final international Mathematics exams in English language at all levels, to IGCSE / GCSE, GED or IB. Let's achieve your higher grade together!

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