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Mathematics Tutoring

Are not sure whether online Maths tutoring via Skype is good for you? These lessons are for anyone who wants to improve his mathematic knowledges or who wants to fill his gaps of any mathematic topic. It does not depend how old are you, by the experiences lessons are also suitable for pupils about the age of 10. Next, the tutoring offer is for adults who attend university or who work and study simultaneously.

There is only one thing which is necessary for your lessons - one of your smart devices and a time window!

Elementary School Tutoring

Regular Maths lessons represent an attractive and alternative add for pupils to their school classes as they practice any topic in a fun way, so parents are sure that their child is practising and is ready for the next school test.

Secondary School Tutoring

Do not get any topic at school? Do not catch any relations in Mathematics? Ask the tutor during your individual online consultation to any mathematical approach which is necessary to explain or practice.

University Tutoring

If you are included into a group of students for whom the exchange to university was a big shock and do not get a new pace of teaching, will not be afraid to contact the long-term experienced lecturer who will explain to you what is needed in Mathematics.

What can you learn through the sessions? By the first information, the aim of your tutoring is evaluated, so the process of your lessons is managed by your goal. There are many possibilities that can happen. Therefore, here are a few model cases ordered by level of education. If you recognise any of them, you will know you are at the right place. If not, never mind, your tailored educational plan will be arranged.

Mathematics Tutoring for Elementary School

Mathematics tutoring via Skype is taken even by pupils of elementary school who prefer a shorter length of meeting of 45 mins (standard length of classes is 60 mins). Anyway, there are also pupils who have no problems attending regular lessons of 60 mins. During the lessons, pupis actively cooperate with the tutor, who shares her notes online on her screen. This type of education is much more attractive and effective for them than the classical group educational system, where they do not have enough interest from their teacher. So at school, any mistake is not eliminated at the beginning and there is usually no additional explanation of approaches. Through the tutoring session, all topics are deeply explained (even in pictures) and logic and relations are underlined, even from the perspective of real everyday cases.

Regular Mathematics Tutoring for Pupils

Pupils of secondary school, who are usually interested in regular Math exercises, get their own term of lessons according to the school timetable and other hobbies. Regular Math lessons are being taught throughout the school year at the same time. Online meetings are usually at pupils' home, at grandparents' or at parents' office. Lessons are focused on revision of the school syllabus, if it is necessary pupils get any HW, i.e. if there is any knowledge gap. After all, it is possible to arrange any extra revision with the tutor.

Tutoring in Mathematics to State Entrance Exam

A pupil at 5th, 7th or 9th year of study at elementary school, who wants to be prepared for his State Entrance Exam to an 8-year, 6-year or 4-year gymnasium, to a secondary / a high school or another type of a secondary education institution. The most important is how long time is available till the date of the entrance test. If a pupil is interested in tutoring during September or October in the exact year of study, we usually arrange regular meetings once or twice a week until the date of the entrance maths exam. If necessary, one or two months before the mathematics test, the tutoring is more frequent. Otherwise, if a pupil starts attending his online maths lectures later, often after New year, the frequency of his lessons is more frequent than in the first case. Due to the shorter time until the entrance exams in mathematics, the exact time schedule for lessons is set. During the first meeting, the pupils' level of study and the goal are stated. The aim of lessons is determined because of the chosen type of a secondary school. For someone it is necessary to get 90%, for someone else only 60% is enough.

Tutoring for Additional Classification or for Correction in Mathematics

This is a type of tutoring for pupils who need to complete the Mathematical additional classification or pass Mathematic correction at the end of a school year or at the end of a summer holidays. Here, the plan is quite individual, especially due to students' summer plans. The student should pay a maximum of his attention to the summer preparation. Through tutoring, the repetition to the test is based on the concrete given syllabus of his/her school or a teacher. The level of study is a little different at each school.

Summer Revision in Mathematics

A summer revision in Maths is aimed at elementary school graduates, who have a bad feeling of their mathematics before the first year of study at secondary / high school and who want to eliminate an uncomfortable change to a higher grade of study. Quite often due to this change, students get bad grades at the beginning of the school year at their new school. Here are two possible ways of Mathematics revision, the first one is suitable for students who prefer to repeat their Maths skills once a week throughout the summer holidays. The second fits for students, who want to spend only one or two last weeks of their holiday by revision and planning the lesson every day until the end of holiday.

Mathematics Tutoring for Secondary / High School

After entering a secondary / high school a few students feel quite uncomfortable because there is a new type of educational system, which does not fit them, so some important information or any Maths approaches are left. Do not be worried about asking to any Maths topic through your Mathematics tutoring. The tutoring is for you and you are the one who manages the tempo of the lesson according to your current needs. Consultations can be planned on regular dates or once according to the student's goal. There is a large number of students who get the best possible grades because of their regular Maths sessions.

Or, on the other hand, there is the second group of students, who just want to get only "good" grades, they do not want to be perfect, they just do not need it. Quite often, there are recognised Maths gaps from elementary school, so the beginning of our cooperation is focused on the repetition of fractions and their operations, decimal numbers, basics of algebra, transformations of units and basic formulae of areas and volumes. After the first shock, the "wow effect" will soon appear and this is a time to continue in secondary school approaches.

Regular Mathematics Tutoring for Secondary School Students

Regular Maths classes are usually taken by secondary / high school students. Lessons are mostly booked at the beginning of a new school year, and after arranging the exact time of sessions according to his / her school schedule and other hobbies, lessons are regular - every week at the same time. During the regular lessons, there is a revision of a school syllabus with deep exercising and, if necessary, students will receive HW for better preparation, especially before the upcoming school test.

Short-Term Tutoring for Semi-Annual Mathematical Written Test

There exists a group of students who do not need or do not have enough time for regular tutoring sessions, so they take advantage of the option of short-term tutoring in Mathematics, for small tests during a school year or for semi-annual mathematics written tests. A student can arrange only one lesson or several lessons, usually within two weeks, before the tests. Therefore, lessons are intensively focused on the personal needs of students for successfully passing through the test.

Tutoring in Mathematics for School-Leaving Examination / Maturity Maths Exam

At a secondary / high school or at a gymnasium, during the last year of study, it is good to choose the possibility of revision of examination topics together with a tutor. Usually, there is a list of examine topics at each school, rarely precise tasks or examples, that appear in the Mathematic school-leaving examination. Then the lessons are planned according to this list, when one calendar week represents one topic from the list. At the beginning of each lesson, there is an explanation of the topic, followed by practise according to the list or the tutor's own question bank. The student is an active part of consultation and, if necessary, s/he will receive HW of the current topic for deeper revision. After all, in case of any uncertainties, additional questions could be asked.

Tutoring in Mathematics for State School-Leaving Examination / State Maturity Maths Exam

Preparation for the State school-leaving examination can be managed in two ways.

The first option is to sign up for the Preparation maturity course in Mathematics, which consists of 25 lessons, during which all topics from the syllabus are explained and shown on typical examples. The course is individual, i.e. to one connected student, not for a group. Thanks to this, the student is an active part of the session and may ask any questions.

The second option of the preparation is to arrange personal lessons. Because they are tailored-made, a student is able to choose only some Mathematical topics that are problematic to him/her, the others can be skipped. And otherwise, any other topics can be deeply exercised.

So it is up to you, to your preferences, whether you want to go through all topics from the syllabus in the course or, you prefer an intensive preparation only of any parts with the lecteur.

Mathematics Tutoring for Reparation or for Additional Classification at Secondary School

During all years of study, at the entire secondary education system, sadly, but sometimes, there is a student, who is not classificated or is, but by a bad grade, and then it is necessary to complete a summer repetitorium or additional classification. Both of these additional examinations are usually the last week of the summer holidays, so there are two month to prepare with the tutor. It is good to plan the frequency of meetings according to the content of the exam, sometimes the exam contains syllabus from winter and summer terms, sometimes only from a summer period.

Mathematic Revision for Entrance Examination to Universities

Even after the Maturity Final Exam, some students try to find their intensive preparation tutoring in Mathematics for entrance Math exam to any university. Because every university has its own specific requirements, your preparation is tailored to each faculty / university. The tutoring is based on an official Math sample test, which is usually available on university websites. During the tuition, exercising of required tasks and explanation of uncleared topics are combined.

Preparation for SCIO Mathematic Test to University

In the case, you are afraid of failure in your entrance examination to university, for any reason, eg you are stressful before any exam, because of only one examination date or because you know that the examination term will not fit you, then is better to prefer SCIO Math test, which has one big advantage - there are six dates of exam in total, through a school year, to every student, and only the best goal is sent to all chosen universities, so you will not need to do an entrance Math exam at your chosen universities personally.

The fact is, SCIO tests in Mathematics are harder than the State Final Mathematical Maturity Examination and not everyone passes it for the first attempt. So there is a possibility to arrange your personal preparation specially for these types of examples.

Mathematics Tutoring for University Studies

Tutoring in Mathematics for university studies is for everyone who needs fast and effective explanation of basics of differential calculus (limits, derivatives, integration), vector algebra, differential equations, optimization problems and other next topics, which are parts of Mathematics examination at bachelor or engineering studies.

The tutoring is also available to university students who wish to fastly repeat basics of high school Maths and do not want to spend their time looking up in Mathematical books and old notes, so that they prefer complete revision with the experienced tutor.

The lessons are attended by students from different universities, e.g. CVUT, CZU, VSE, VSEM, VSCHT, VUT and so on. Thanks to Skype, sessions are not located and students can be online anywhere they want, where the Internet connection is available.

Complete Mathematics of High School Revision

At the time of entrance to university, some students are not confident in Mathematics from their high school, so that is why they will not be successful in the final Math examination. Most of them think that for approaches from linear algebra or differential calculus are not basics needed, as fractions and their operation. Usually, at the beginning of university term, there is no slot for any revision from secondary school and teachers think this part of Maths is clear.

For students, who are not confident in their Mathematical skills, there is an individual tutoring in Mathematics that is focused on filling Mathematic gaps, which are filled by an active form of a consultation with the tutor through each video lesson.

Mathematics Tutoring for Repetitorium at University

At some universities, students are required to pass a repetitorium in Maths, before the Mathematics examination, where students should show their high school knowledge. Paradox is that most students have more difficulties with passing their repetitorium than later their Mathematics exam. If you are a member of this group of students, do not be worried and let's revise your knowledge with the tutor, who will show you a lot of tips, which could lead to your success.

Preparation for Credit Tests in Mathematics

During university terms, there are usually credit tests in Maths which are necessary to pass successfully to be allowed to take a final examination at the end of the term. At each university there are different amounts of credit tests - none, one or more. Then it is important to gain enough marks for passing it.

During the preparation for credit tests it is possible to explain all topics from the syllabus or only a few of them. Your preparation is absolutely individual, so only any of the topics could be explained deeply and others could be skipped. Lessons can be in the form of a consultation, a presentation or an active working on exact examples.

Preparation in Mathematics for Final Examination at University

There are usually two ways, what type of a tailored tuition choose, before the final examination in Mathematics at universities. The first way is to choose the tuition with a frequency every week during the whole university term and you are sure, all topics from the syllabus will be deeply exercised. The second way is intensive preparation during a few days or weeks before the final test in Maths. So each lesson is arranged to the exact date by actual time options of both sides - a student and a lecturer, with a higher frequency and in 90 mins as a minimum length. Overall, the plan always depends only on you.

Mathematics Preparation for Entrance Examination to Engineering Programme

Some continuing engineering programmes require you to pass the entrance examination. If it is also your case, it will be possible to revise every topic and fill your Maths gaps during online consultations. Lessons can be arranged for a longer term or otherwise longer sessions in a shorter time period.

Other Types of Mathematical Sessions

If you are the type of person who is interested in extra information, the lessons are for you. It does not depend on what you are interested in Maths, just try to ask during your online Mathematical meeting via Skype.

Interest Lessons in Mathematics

Though Mathematics is not the favourite subject at any grade of study, it is an interesting science, which can be used much more widely than only in school approaches. Not visibly, but Maths is everywhere around us. Is it not a pity to close your mind to other Mathematical applications on your last school day? During interest lessons it is possible to look into the history, in the current state, find out any interesting Math constants, like Ludoph's number, the golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, the theory of games, fractals, do an active approach at different levels... What do you think, was Mathematics invented or discovered?

Thematic Lessons in Mathematics

Because of different professions, sometimes it is necessary to fill in some Mathematical skill or revise it. If it is also your case, do not be afraid and let's revise needed topic together with a focus on your job specialization. The revision is usually good for teachers, who want to strengthen their knowledge, for civil engineers to overview differential calculus or for adults, who are interested in any exact chapter from Maths.

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