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Mathematics Tutoring

Are not sure whether online Maths tutoring via Skype is good for you? These lessons are for anyone who wants to improve his mathematic knowledges or who wants to fill his gaps of any mathematic topic. It does not depend how old are you, by the experiences lessons are also suitable for pupils about the age of 10. Next, the tutoring offer is for adults who attend university or who work and study simultaneously.

There is only one thing which is necessary for your lessons - one of your smart devices and a time window!

Elementary School Tutoring

Regular Maths lessons represent an attractive and alternative add for pupils to their school classes as they practice any topic in a fun way, so parents are sure that their child is practising and is ready for the next school test.

Secondary School Tutoring

Do not get any topic at school? Do not catch any relations in Mathematics? Ask the tutor during your individual online consultation to any mathematical approach which is necessary to explain or practice.

University Tutoring

If you are included into a group of students for whom the exchange to university was a big shock and do not get a new pace of teaching, will not be afraid to contact the long-term experienced lecturer who will explain to you what is needed in Mathematics.

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