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English Tutoring

English tutoring is intended to all - pupils and students, from elementary, secondary school or from university who need any help with understanding school explanation of English grammar, who want to practice their communication or who like to work with English texts or magazine articles or who like to listen to and catch the meaning of any song.

English Tutoring for Students

English tutoring for all pupils and students whom type of school teaching does not fit at all but they want to know English. The tutor will prepare you for your school tests and will practice in-depth English grammar, facts of English speaking countries etc.

Graduation Exam from English

Are you going to take your graduation exam in English but are not confident? Through an individual consultation in English, the lecturer will prepare you for all its parts (listening, essays, working with English texts, English grammar, facts about English speaking countries, describing pictures and conversations).

English Lessons at Work

Thanks to on-line English lessons you can improve your English skills while working or in your working office. Do you wish to go through grammar, communicate better or to work with English articles or do any listening together with the lecteur? Let's agree on a date for your lesson, connect to the Internet and we can start!

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