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English Tutoring

English tutoring is intended to all - pupils and students, from elementary, secondary school or from university who need any help with understanding school explanation of English grammar, who want to practice their communication or who like to work with English texts or magazine articles or who like to listen to and catch the meaning of any song.

English Tutoring for Students

English tutoring for all pupils and students whom type of school teaching does not fit at all but they want to know English. The tutor will prepare you for your school tests and will practice in-depth English grammar, facts of English speaking countries etc.

Graduation Exam from English

Are you going to take your graduation exam in English but are not confident? Through an individual consultation in English, the lecturer will prepare you for all its parts (listening, essays, working with English texts, English grammar, facts about English speaking countries, describing pictures and conversations).

English Lessons at Work

Thanks to on-line English lessons you can improve your English skills while working or in your working office. Do you wish to go through grammar, communicate better or to work with English articles or do any listening together with the lecteur? Let's agree on a date for your lesson, connect to the Internet and we can start!

English Tutoring

Regular English Tutoring

Tutoring in English is helpful for a regular revision of school topics during a whole school year or term, or as classes support - a review before a coming test, where the amount of lessons are dependent on topics range.

And because the lessons could be your support of school classes, it is possible to use your school student's books or working sheets, whose content is important for students, lessons are focused on understanding grammar and its deep exercising. So at first, lessons are aimed at successfully taking school tests and other requirements like writing essays or learning basic facts about English speaking countries.

When a student manages all rules and grammar without any difficulties, the rest of a lesson can be used to free talking or talking about any English article or other interesting text. Another important part of learning a foreign language is working with an English text and also listening. At the beginning, it is suitable to use a learning listening by native speakers and after, it is possible to listen to original songs or other types of music.

Preparation for Maturity Examination in English

Classes are also suitable for students at the last year of study at high schools / at secondary schools, as a preparation for their Maturity English Exam, for the school part either for the state part. In the case of the school part, based on the individual needs of each student, there is a review of grammar, maturity's topics and their supplementation and also writing essays. In the case of the state part, here is the most important: listening to English tapes and working with texts, e.g. overview of an article, ability to answer questions about the listened tape or about the read article.

English Tutoring for University Students

At university studies, usually during the bachelor programme, there is an examination in English language at any level. Not all students are able to pass this exam with their knowledge from high schools, e.g. because they studied another language or were focused on different subjects.

During the lessons is possible to do a complete overview of English grammar and its typical usage, go through conversation topics and other exact required skills.

Online Tutoring English Course

English tutoring is always in the form of online consultation, during which a student is maximally joined to the meeting. Every lesson is individual, so that is why each student has a maximum of the lecturer's attention, where the tempo of classes is by him / her - not as in group courses. If any grammar rule is clear, it is not necessary to revise it anymore and the next programme is based on the student's preferences.

Through Skype lessons are all tutor's notes shared in real time, and also her teaching sheets, which can be copied and used for later self studying.

During the lessons, the stress is on completing knowledge gaps, exercising grammar rules and on common conversation that is hard for many students because they are usually shy at school. In our online lessons nobody needs to be shy, because meetings are absolutely private and suitable for exercising everything, which is needed.

English Classes

English classes are for everyone, who would like to improve their English, away from the school education system, via online individual lessons with a tutor by Skype.

English for Eternal Beginners

If you are a member of "eternal" beginners and would like to postpone your knowledge further, we will work on it together! During the online English lessons, in a form of conversation, one student - to - one lecteur, you do not worry about asking anything and what is important - the lesson's tempo is yours. So if you are the type of person who is shy to talk in front of others and want to change this state of mind, you are at the right place. Our conversation is private and the only one who will listen to you is a lecteur, who will give you some tips for better speech.

English Lessons for Advanced Students

The lessons are not only for beginners, they are also for advanced students, who would like to keep or improve their level of English. Anyway, when you are not a part of a school educational system, there are lots of possibilities on how to improve your skills. It is up to you what form of classes do you prefer.

English Courses With Textbook

By experience, there are students who prefer working with any textbook as a support to their studies, going through the book unit - by - unit. If you have your favourite studying book, it is possible to use it during the lessons and if it is necessary to add it by other sources. One of the most favourite grammar book is a three - part book, Essential Grammar in Use - red, English Grammar in Use - blue and Advanced Grammar in Use - green, where all three parts contain similar grammar but at different levels.

English Course Without Textbook

On the other hand, if you are a member of a group of students who are happy without any textbook and prefer to do any other type of activity, lessons are also for you. Adult students like to work with some interesting English articles or texts on any actual topic, where there are two advantages - learning new vocabularies and new information from their professional branch or otherwise from an unknown new field. After text analysis, the conversation to the topic follows and afterall, the student may write his / her own essay containing his / her own ideas, also as a training of sentences patterns and spelling. Next possibilities are watching original videos, reading original articles or news, simultaneously reading English books or analyzing any English song or film, an active conversation and so on.

Preparation for English Certificates

Not a small group of students consist of people who use their individual English classes via Skype, to prepare for English certificates and prefer to do their review alone with the tutor than to take part in a group course, where there is not usually enough space for student's questions. If you want to take an examination from any English certificate, like FCE or TOEFL, you are at the right place. Through the consultation the stress is on each branch of examination, based on a type of the chosen certificate to a grammar, transformation of word types, picture description, conversation, short own presentation, vocabulary developing, listening and so on. We work with exact working sheets to concrete certificates.

Levels of English Tutoring

English tutoring is determined to more levels A0 - C2, for your imagination, what does each level represent, there are their short definitions. The following division is not the only possible one, in different sources may be written different definitions. Usually, levels of study are mentioned on a title page of textbooks or student's books.

Description of English Levels A0 - C2

Level A0 - Beginner, this level is typical for students, who are meeting the language for the first time and have not studied English before. The beginning of learning any new language from basics is always hard, so the lessons could be your support to school classes or a consultation, where you do not have to be shy to ask anything.

Level A1 - Elementary, is the level of students, who have met the language a few times in the past and who are able to use English in a passive form. In textbooks are basic vocabulary and phrases. Because basics are the most important for every language, that is why lessons emphasize the right word pattern in sentences, right word spelling and also pronunciation.

Level A2 - Pre-Intermediate, it is the state, when a student is able to recognize a common communication, manages a basic vocabulary in ordinary ranges like a school, a shopping, a family, born town, but a conversation with a native speaker is quite hard for him / her and does not understand English films or songs a lot. It is possible to deepen basic grammar and do translations of English articles or videos. Students at this level could get the KET Certificate.

Level B1 - Intermediate, at this level of English students are able to communicate about common problems, can manage the basic needs like traveling, school or work, understand the meaning of films, advertisements, songs, and can write a longer essay. For this type of students, it is possible to base the lessons on their improvement in communication, deepen vocabulary (phrase verbs, slang words, idioms) and also exercise the advanced grammar. The Czech State Final Examination in English is at this level of language. Students can get the PET Certificate or lower marks from TOEFL.

Level B2 - Upper-Intermediate, calls the state, when a student does not have any problem with a formal spoken language or written text. There is also no problem taking an interview with a native speaker or being an active part of any discussion and is able to write essays in different styles and topics. This is usually the highest level of student's books at secondary / high schools, which is often not finished. The final Czech School Maturity Examination in English is usually at this level and reflects the FCE Certificate or Intermediate level of the TOEFL. For students at this level of language, lessons are tailored by their needs and branches that are necessary to revise and in which they want to improve themselves.

Level C1 - Advanced, is the level that stays outside the secondary educational system; only a few students learn the level at universities or at language courses. At this level of language a student is able to communicate complexly also to technical themes and present own ideas. English native spoken tapes or articles do not make him / her any problem to understand and s / he could do their analyses. At this level students can pass examinations to the CAE Certificate or to the Advanced TOEFL Certificate. Level C2 - Proficient, for the first glance, there is no difference between a student and a native speaker. A student is able to get e.g. the CPE Certificate (is not taught during the lessons).

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